Thursday, 29 January 2015

Chapter 19

He pushed her against the wall, his breathing heavy and laboured as she slyly smiled. She bit her bottom lip, then she went for it, she thrust her tongue down her throat, he groaned through the kisses as her talented fingers ran through his hair. He searched every inch of her delicious mouth, savouring her scent. He let go; her hand slowly going south, gently raking across his dick, making it come to life at once.

She gently undid the zipper, releasing the lovely piece of flesh from its cloth prison. Then she threw his trousers somewhere across the room, he gently groaned as she took him into her mouth, she set her pace, rhythmically moving along his throbbing length.
"Oh Gawddddddd Evie" he moaned, his mercy was in her hands.... and she wouldn't let him release just yet. Her mouth was hot fire; he grabbed her hair as orgasmic shudders overtook his body. She grinned and raked her teeth along his shaft, she let him fall from her mouth and her hand started to pump him, setting her own pace.

His hands became floppy, eyes rolled back and his body shuddered as orgasmic waves swept through him. Instinctively, he flipped her round so he was on top of her, deciding she was way too overdressed he expertly took of her t-shirt. Glad she wasn't wearing a bra. His hands cupped her breast, testing its weight against his hand; yep it was right for him. He grabbed a nipple and took it in his mouth, biting it gently she whimpered, he then moved his attention to the other pebble of perfection; his hand caressing it until it had become a hard pebble.

Her aching pussy screamed for his attention, he tutted and she arched for him to remove her jeans; he swiftly chucked them on the other side of the room and removed her soaking panties. He spread her legs and he entered two calloused fingers, gently starting pumping her heat, then he found her sensitive nub, she arched to meet his hungry gaze and he smiled. Then he lost complete control as the hungry beast took over him. He pumped harder and faster as her body squirmed around on the carpet, he entered another finger as a small groan caught in the back of Evies throat. He then grabbed some ice-cubes, he placed them in her heat, the cold water trickled down her legs which he willingly collected, he removed his soaking wet fingers and licked them slowly, savouring her sticky sweet taste.

He rested his hands on her knees as his tongue tasted the sweetness; he lapped her flowing juices and licked his lips. He then entered his raging dick and roughly pumped her, so much so that she cum right there. But he wanted her to topple over the edge and Richie always gets what he wants. Their breathing hitched, he pumped more furiously, their bodies were entwined.

She then floated off into Richie World….. His orgasm swept over his body as he fell down next to her, exhausted. The beast was satisfied…. for now

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Chapter 18

Jon sharply knocked on the door, considering Richie slept on the plane, he should be awake now. He sighed, he was getting no answer.
"Wake up Rich" Jon shouted. Richie stretched out his long legs, pulling in the woman next to him. Jon hollered again this time, Richie noticed. He grumbled as he clambered his legs out of the bed, he strode his way to the door. The door opened. "What the hell man, you know it's way too early to be up" Richie retaliated.
"It's 10am" Jon replied
Richie turned the whole situation onto it's head by talking about Evie. Jon said she was a bad influence and that she shouldn't of come. This, obviously turned into an argument. Their voices heated; Richie was truly pissed off.


Evie rolled over, her hand finding that there was no one there, Richie was gone. She turned her attention to the hated voices outside of her room. She did a cat-like stretch and her back popped. She sighed and opened the door, "Rich, what's going on?" she asked, confused.
"Come on darlin', lets get back to bed; it's way too early" he murmured, scowling at Jon.  She lay on the bed, Richie lay next to her. "Rich, I don't feel too good" she mumbled, her face pale. He put a hand to her forehead, shaking his head. "You got a temperature, try and sleep, we'll see if ya feel any better then" he told Evie.
She closed her eyes and fell into sleep. Richie pulled up the covers, mumbled goodnight and left the room.
Richie walked down to the hotels gym, he needed to work-out. He hit the treadmill, he put on some fast metal riffs to run too, soon he had worked up a sweat. He moved onto the weights and grabbed some dumbbells, his muscles flexed and strained. After a time, he was done and decided to go and look and see if Evie was better.

Rich opened the door, his gaze moving to Evie, she was still sleeping; probably unconscious. He tip-toed over to the bed. Richie lifted up the covers and sure enough she was gone alfresco, he moved one calloused fingertip gently along her abdomen, making her groan. He stroked her slits, then delved a finger along a vein in  her heat. He repeated this over and over but to no avail. He moved his calloused fingertip to her little nub of sensitivity, which he was sure to wake her up. She bolted upright, her face full of pure pleasure. He smiled and took out his finger.
"So nice" she whispered, just enough so he could hear. " Nice to hear darlin' " he moaned, his erection growing.

"God woman, If we do this anymore we won't be leaving in one piece" he groaned, eyes dark with desire. "I'm good with that" she replied.
"Yeah, but Jon isn't" he retorted, getting up. She picked up her clothes, plonking them on. She strode over to Richie, her hand rubbed over his chest, making him growl. "Ah darlin' " he purred, pushing his hands through her hair. She purred. He thrust his tounge down her throat, she moaned through the kisses as her hands tapped up and down his spine. "Sambora, time to go" Jon shouted, his patience wained.

"I'm busy" Richie replied as he let go of the kisses. Jon stormed in, grabbing Richie. Evie punched Jon in the face, standing up for Rich.
"What the fuck was that for?"
"No one grabs Richie like that, even you" she replied, eyes stormy. Richie shushed her, picked her up and down to the limo.

Richie got out, taking Evie with him, David and Jon went up the stage to sound check.
Richie and Evie walked into Richie's room, guitars were strewn everywhere. One guitar stood out. It was a black Jersey Star, Floyd rose pickups and a strap that said 'King of Swing'. She plugged it in, walked over to Richie's custom-made voice box and started to play Livin' On A Prayer. Richie trotted over to her, white Jersey Star in hand, she said through the voice box "I really want to fuck you". He chuckled. "So do I, Evie" he replied, playing a soft melody on his beloved Kramer.
"We can do it now" she whispered, seductively in his earhole. "As much as I do, we have sound check to get to" Richie replied in a low growl. She did a pick slide then started playing the Muddy Waters classic Rock Me Baby on the guitar, her heart occasionally missing a beat. Rich's breathing hitched, no not here, not now he had sound check to get to. "I've gotta go" he stammered, annoyed that his body had other ideas. He fumbled onto the stage and tested out his guitar. They went straight into playing Wild In The Streets, Richie couldn't get dirty thoughts out of his head. Finally after a while sound check was finished, Richie took off his guitar and walked back to the room where Evie was.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Chapter 17

Richie shook her gently; her eyes opened. He put a hand to her sweaty forehead. "Hello baby, have a nice sleep?" he asked.
"Yeah, what country are we in?" she replied.
"England, darlin' " he told her.
Pushing her hair out of her eyes she stared at Richie, her eyes welling up. "I never meant for any of this to happen, it's all my fault". "No, nothings your fault, Jon's just being a grumpy bastard"
He took her hand in his, his eyes stared at hers as she poured everything out to him; the loss of her family, addiction and pure heartbreak. She sobbed into his chest as he did his best to comfort her.
"Shh darlin', it'll be alright" he muttered, stroking her back. Jon leant against the door, he heard her sobbing, pouring her heart out to his wing man.


She fell into his warm arms as she finished. He picked her up, her eyes red and cheeks stained. His arms were so cosy and inviting; she could just fall asleep right now. She did as Richie sat her down. She nuzzled his chest as he rubbed her back as the plane landed on smooth tarmac. England was beautiful, green grass everywhere. She was home, she breathed in the sweet smell of silage and the smell that rain had just fallen. She ran down the steps, Richie just barely able to keep up. She whimpered as he wrapped his strong arms around her waist, pulling her in.
"Oh no, you really got me" she protested as he carried her through check in. She breathed in his heavenly, spicy, musky scent. He stared down at her, his eyes welling  at how this woman could put up with a divorce, her mother dying when she was young and living with an alcoholic dad.

 She broke down in his arms on the plane. Jon needed a serious talking to.He would contain his anger towards Jon until they had gotten towards the hotel. She was safe. He strode over to his limo, careful to not go in one with Jon; for Evie's sake. He cautiously placed her down and sat beside her, his hand holding onto hers. When they did reach the hotel he slid his key into the lock and opened the room.
The room had a large King sized bed in the middle, a large bay window at the far end, a coffee table and most importantly a kettle. He put her down, his gaze moving towards the coffee that was there waiting for him. Gulp. He downed in ten seconds flat. "You want some?" he asked Evie. She shook her head and a smirk played about on her lips. "Come here King" she seductively whispered.

He wasn't called the King of Swing for nothing you know. He bit his lip unsure of what Jon would think of it. Ah well fuck it. She grabbed his shoulders as he slobbered kisses on her neck. She groaned. He made little kisses down her arm to her hand. She bit his earlobe as he grunted and groaned through the kisses. "If you can play dirty, I can too" she whispered, he slyly smiled. He pushed her down, his hands wanting to stroke her so hard that she cums. But he'd do it slowly.Just to tease her. He leant down and sniffed her heavenly scent. He licked his lips as he wanted one of those nipples in his mouth.He'd undo her piece by piece. His fingers pulled off her t-shirt effortlessly, exposing two beautiful breasts underneath that bra. Now he had to do something about that bra. His fingers clumsily tried to undo it.

 "Need help" Evie asked, eyes blackened. Richie nodded. She undid  it, taking it off with absolute precision, flinging it to the other end of the room. "Now where were we?" he asked, gazing at them; natural perfection, the best ones he had ever seen and he had seen a lot of breasts.His fingers rubbed them, caressing until they had become hard pebbles of perfection. He groaned as she squirmed and squiggled underneath him. His hand cupped one as he tested it's weight against his hand, yep it was the right weight for him.
His tounge licked at the valley between her breasts. Waves of pleasure hit her as he sent little shots through her core.
"Oh Richie harder" she screamed as juices spilled out of her, staining the bed.

He evilly grinned as his fingers slid down her body. He gently but firmly spread her legs for her; she arched.
"Wait darlin' " he gasped, sliding one finger into her soaking heat. She groaned the exquisite pleasure too much to bear; she needed orgasm. He delved in another finger into the wetness. He slowly pumped getting harder and harder as her orgasm drew nearer and nearer. Then her hips buckled; pussy tighter. He withdrew his finger from her sore clit and replaced it with his tounge, as her heart raced inside of her chest. He slowly teased her  with his tounge, lapping at her juices.
"Oh God, sticky sweet just the way I like it" he moaned. She nodded, not being able to speak through the pleasure this man was giving her. He sat up, rubbing her sweaty forehead with his hand. He stared at Evie, she was lost in the pleasure, her head lolled back and her pussy even tighter.

He stuck his cock into her,  them both whole. She screamed his name coarsely as the second orgasm tore her apart. He pushed her, pumping her till he was dry and had nothing left. Her eyes rolled as she went into abyss, "I think ya broke my dick darlin' " he told her; she smirked at his remark. He lay next to her, exhausted and milk-dry. He pulled up the covers and welcomed the land of abyss, as his orgasm crashed through him like a freight train.

a/n I've been really depressed lately, probably why I'm writing smut, also the emotional abuse, manipulation and what not has been getting worse.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Chapter 16

Evie dragged them through the terminal, towards check-in. Richie went up to drop off the bags, David was with him and Evie went looking for the other members of the band. Finally she returned, dragging them by their ears.
"Ouch, that hurt" Jon moaned
"Suck it up, cry baby" Evie replied
Richie and David were chuckling, she gave them the evils. If looks could kill. Anyhow Dave had started to walk towards security, the whole band following.

Her stomach grumbled, she rushed towards Richie, her arm wrapping around his waist, pulling him closer. Finally they had reached security, they walked through the scanner.
Richie grabbed her waist, spinning her around to look at his big brown eyes.
He grabbed her and her lips melting on his, she groaned as she ran her fingers up along his back.
"Evie, baby, later"
She took his hand, increasing her grip as she strode along the terminal looking for their gate.
Jon and the rest of the band trailed along, Jon pointed.
"Look our gate" he shouted, Richie and Evie still looked at each other, Jon's commands were falling onto blind ears.
"Oi, King we have a flight to get to" he told him whilst he did a quick jab in the arm.

He spun around to face his boss, fire in his eyes. Oh God, he knew what that meant.
Richie grabbed Evie playfully, wandered past Jon and down towards the plane.
Jon sighed and followed the lovebirds, perhaps this was a bad idea.
Anyhow Richie chucked his luggage into the compartment, he shut it. She stepped onto the plane, the seats were a soft beige, she caught the sight of some drink.
She saw her boyfriend, he was trying to close the compartment door but it wouldn't. She sighed and strode over to him, she laid her hand on the door and shut it.

"I have a way with things" she told him
"I see" Richie mumbled, biting his bottom lip. Just at that moment Jon arrived, he had a scowl on his face.
He pointed his calloused finger at Evie, he walked up to her and mumbled in her ear "I knew you shouldn't have come with us"
OK,  now he was making threats.
Her blood began to boil,  her eyes became stormy all of a sudden and her hands started to shake.
"Listen, I am not going back now, and the only reason that it happened was because Richie wasn't there to protect me, so just keep that crap from coming out of your mouth"

"Lookie here little lady" He said pushing her against the wall, his bright blue eyes stormy.
Richie tried to push Jon away but unfortunately it was no use, Jon just shoved him back down.
Where was the caring Jon? it was like he had changed into the sicko at the bar, his voice was dominant and raspy, a slither of a tear came from her eye.
His finger caught it and smeared it on her face, he did a laugh, his hands still holding her against the inside of the plane.

She tried to lift her leg but it was no use, Jon had firmly pinned her down. She wanted to cry, shout, scream for all it was worth but only little whimpers of pain came out of her.
That was it! Richie punched Jon in the face, grabbed Evie in his strong arms.
He shut the door behind him, the woman in his arms was more or less unconscious, she had so much pain left inside, he knew it. 

Monday, 12 January 2015

Chapter 15

She sighed, her body cracked in every place, she lifted her legs off the bed. She stood up, Mr Magic Fingers wasn't up yet but she wasn't gonna leave him sleeping. She stepped over to the end of the bed and crouched down, she lifted the cover off one of Richie's feet. She started to massage it but no that wouldn't wake him up so she started to tickle it.

He chuckled, she grabbed his leg and started to pull him off his bed. He grabbed one of his pillows, she increased her grip pulling him off the bed completely.
"Wake up, lazy sod" she shouted at him, she noticed the pillow and whacked him with it.
"What was that for?" he asked
"To get you up, I tried everything else"
He sat up, rubbing his head. He stood up, walked over to his girlfriend, he grabbed the pillow and whacked her on the face, she retaliated by hitting him back with yet another pillow.
He lost his balance, and fell on top of her. She started laughing, so did he.
"Get off, you big goof" she told him, pushing Richie off her stomach.

She lay on the floor, he handed her his hand, she took it pulling him to the floor. She passionately kissed him on the lips, his hand trailed it's way under her pajama top. She slapped his hand, his almost black eyes looked up at her.
"Naughty boy, did I say you could do that?"
"No, mother" he mumbled, emphasizing the word.

"Come 'ere you" she murmured, pulling him in for another kiss. They held the kiss for a while, not wanting to let go of each other.
But soon enough they had a knock on the door.
"I'm busy, come back another time" Richie told them.
"I know you're in there", it was David.
She let go of him, falling onto the floor, he got up and walked over to the door.

"Hello Richie, have a pleasant morning?"
"Well, she woke me up, by tickling me"
"Ahh poor you"
"Shut up, Dave" Richie told the curly haired bloke.
"Well were off to England next, meet ya downstairs in an hour"
Richie mumbled a thanks and shut the door.
"Pack, were off to England next"

"My family is British, we lived there before we moved when I was 18, it'll be a trip down memory lane" she replied
He walked over to her, gave her clothes and walked into the shower. She picked up the t-shirt, put on some tight, ripped jeans and sat down on the bed. She sighed, this was going to be a long tour. She packed her suitcase, her thick British accent really coming out.

"Gordon Bennett" she whispered in frustration.
" Gordon Who?" Richie asked as he wrapped the towel around
"Oh that, we say it all the time in England, one of our slang words, I came over here to study, ended up liking it and staying"
"I never knew that" he mumbled
"How old are you anyway?" he asked.
"I'm 24"
"Okay, we'll better get going"
She grabbed her suitcase, Richie put some clothes on, sunglasses even though it wasn't even sunny and followed his girlfriend down to reception.

She strutted over to David, and waited for Richie to come down.
"I never thought you'd arrive" David asked
"Sometimes I question your intelligence level" Evie replied cheekily
"That  wasn't very nice now was it"
"It was a joke, I wasn't trying to offend you or something"
At that point, Richie walked into the reception area, with lots of suitcases, she trotted over to him, picked up her suitcase and gave him a kiss.
"Lets go shall we, don't want to miss our flight now do we?"
"No" Dave replied
"It was a rhetorical question, honestly" she walked out to the limo, Dave and Rich caught up to her and sat in the limo, off to the airport.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Chapter 14

He grabbed his guitar, and bounced onto the stage, he was followed by Jon who was now jumping all over the stage with his usual enthusiasm, Richie started to play the opening chords to Raise Your Hands. He ran over to Jon, the adrenaline was pumping, then Jon started singing. His sandpaper voice just barely squeaked the notes. Richie went over to his microphone, helping out Jon on the vocals.

The crowd screamed, his hands flying over the frets as he played the solo, his eyes looking at some blonde in the audience. It was for one brief second, then he turned around and ran across the stage, Jon was flying over the audience on wires. After another couple of minutes the next song was played. A couple of hours went past, then it was the encore. Richie wrapped his lips around the voice box and started played the opening chords to Livin' On A Prayer, Jon ran backstage to spray some hurricane spray into his mouth. Richie played the voice box until Jon returned, when Jon didn't, Richie started singing.
Finally on the  next song Jon returned, the crowd screamed, women swooned.
"This is the last song" Jon spoke through the microphone.
He started to play Get Back by The Beatles.The crowd roared, as the sound of The Beatles filled the stadium.
 Evie thrown her head back on the seat, two and a half fucking hours had passed, she was hungry for her dessert. She was now backstage, in Richie's room. She got up, bored, so she grabbed  a Kramer, left the room and stepped into the hallway.

She plugged it in, cranked it to it's maximum volume and started playing Since You Been Gone. Outside at the concert, Jon could hear something, like a guitar being played, maybe. He told the band to stop playing, yep it definitely was a guitar. He asked the audience "Ya guys hear that too?" They all cheered and screamed in response. She stopped playing, Evie could hear clapping and screaming, must be the guys she thought in her head. But she couldn't help to be that bit more curious, so she got up carrying the guitar with her, then she walked onto the stage. Richie looked at her with an astonished look on his face, the crowd cheered at her. She started playing that Cherry Pie song that she thought of the previous year.

"Now this song has never been played live before, I thought you may like it" She said through the microphone.
She started to do the intro, then Richie went on the vocals, his voice like silk that actually sounded like music to her ears. The crowd loved it, they were going ballistic. She did the guitar solo with absolute precision, her hands gracefully flying over the strings, she was full of adrenaline, running all over the stage. Then the song came to an end, unfortunately.
She walked over to the microphone, "How'd ya like that?" she asked the audience.

The crowd screamed and she heard a few wolf-whistles as well. 

The crowd screamed and she heard a few wolf-whistles as well. She smirked, "I'll take that as a yes".
Richie strode over to her, guitar in hand. She started  playing a little lick she had racing through her mind and eventually her hands. It was the Enter Sandman riff. Richie looked at her, shell shocked to say the least. How could she of all people create this awesome lick? The crowd were going wacko, they loved it. Richie strode over to her and started playing this lick, playing with two guitars made it even better. Tico added some drums, David keyboards and Jon, well the voice.
She was super sweaty now, she had been playing guitar for a few hours now, her hands started to feel sore. That's when she realised: her knuckles were bleeding all over the white guitar. She stopped. Gave the guitar to a tech guy and went to get a plaster. She searched all over the first aid kit and found one measly plaster. Guess it'd have to do, she pit it on her bleeding knuckles and ran back onto the stage. She ran over to the band in time for the final bows, they all thrust thier hands up, they'd had a fun night. 

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Chapter 13

Finally they had arrived at the venue, Washington DC, she opened her eyes. Richie was rubbing her hair which made her relax, she nuzzled his chest. He smiled, Jon and the others were getting off the bus, he told them that he was staying behind.
"Ya alright darlin' " Richie asked
"I'm tired" she mumbled, Richie picked her up and carried her
towards the double bed at the back. He laid her down, stripped off then got into bed with her. He was too tired to have sex with her, but maybe not tomorrow. Okay fuck that,he was never too tired to have sex.
David and Jon came onto the bus, thier gaze turning towards the two lovebirds. David walked over to the alcohol cabinet, pulling out a Becks. He took the cap off and started drinking it. "Hey man, I want one too" Jon hollered. "Don't you're legs and arms work?" David asked. Jon got up and did a wheezy cough, he walked over to the cabinet and dragged out another Becks. He put the alcohol to his lips and started glugging it. 
"Steady man, we've got a concert later" David stammered
"Speaking of concerts, King needs to get up" Jon said
David walked over to Richie, he tried to tickle him but nothing seemed to work. Then he got a idea to get him out of bed. David strode over to Jon and told him, Jon nodded.
David walked into the room at the back of the bus, his gaze turning to the tired guitarist, he then chucked freezing water all over Richie. 
"David!" Richie shouted as he got up from the bed, "God man, put some clothes on" David told his band mate.
"Dam" he said as he quickly put some clothes on. 
"Save it for the ladies, that is not what I want to see" David whined
"Sorry I thought you were a lady for a second" Richie replied 
"Oh shut up" David whined once more. 
Richie got up, trying to be as quiet as possible so to not wake up his girlfriend. He walked over to the front man, he put on some cowboy boots and his stenson hat. David walked over to Evie, he was gonna wake her up. She heard his footsteps, she stuck her leg out. He tripped over her leg, tipping the water everywhere. She chuckled, she got out of bed, already wearing her clothes and walked down to King. He pulled her onto his lap, her thumb making little circles on his arm, he kissed her forehead.

Jon bit his bottom lip, he was checking her out. 

He had cheated on his girlfriend with groupies. I mean who could refuse them when they threw themselves at you.
He reached out for the bottle, if he could just hold it to his lips for a minute, it would dull out the pain that he was feeling. She nuzzled into Richie's neck, he was really warm, like a personal heater. She wriggled on his lap trying to get comfortable, he started to tickle her stomach. She looked up at him, his eyes darkening; she knew what this meant. 

"Guys, you're on in 5 minutes" Doc stuttered, outside the bus. Richie gave Evie a kiss, "I'll give you ya dessert later" he whispered in her ear. He walked off the bus and went off to find the guys.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Chapter 12

She packed the last of her suitcases into the bus, she popped her jaw. Evie sighed and straightened her back up, her head hitting Richie's face.
"Here let me help ya darlin' " Richie cooed in her ear. He reached round her waist, pulling her against his chest. She was tense then relaxed into his body.

"We need to go King" Tico shouted out of the door, his eyes staring at their guitarist. He let go of her, grabbed her hand and dragged her into the tour bus. The seats were decorated a hot pink colour, he dragged her further along into the bedroom compartments, there was four, guess she'd have to sleep with Mr Magic Fingers that night. He vowed to protect her right?

They walked past the other beds, into a double at the back; it was huge, it must have to be Rich's.
She jumped onto the enormous mattress, Richie tutted.
"I never said you could go on it" he told her a hint of sarcasm in his luscious, silky, velvety voice that she knew him for.
"Come here, Mr Grumpy", she told him, pulling him down onto the bed, his wet lips dropped kisses all along her neck. She wrapped her long legs around his waist, he kissed her full on the lips; she groaned through the kisses.
He gently pulled back her hair; he pulled away from the kisses. She moaned.

"That was the main meal, dessert comes later" he teased
"Ahh can't I have dessert now" she moaned
"No" he said mock anger in his voice
She got up, stretched her long legs and clambered off the makeshift bed.  She hopped onto his back, her legs firmly wrapped around his waist, she patted him like he was a horse.
"Gallop, my steed" she told him, he tried running, she jumped off his back when he was at full-pelt. Well she was once a jockey, ya know. She learnt to jump off moving horses, so why not her boyfriend? I mean they seemed like they both eat the same way.
He stared at her, then the floor found his face. She laughed, "Hold on there, big guy". She walked over, took his hand and pulled him up.

"Now Steed, for that amazing sprint, you shall deserve an apple"
"An apple!?" he replied
"Don't you know, every good horse deserves an apple"
"No I didn't, are you some sort of horse expert"
"I am and a horse rider, but the last one I rode needs some breaking in"
He strode over to her, doing his best impression of a neigh, it turned out to be some sort of growl. "I can be broke in" he seductively whispered into her ear.
"Good, I'll go get my whip" she chuckled.
"No whips" he shouted.
She handed him the apple, he sniffed it just to make sure that she didn't poison it. "Or I could just get a needle" he gulped. "This" he mumbled at the apple.
"Good steed" she said slapping his arse. He did a hoarse groan, she was gonna make him cum right there if she didn't know any better.

She grabbed a Ovation guitar, she looked up at Jon whilst tuning it, he licked his lips at the very sight of her.
"You guys have been away from proper women for far too long"
"What do you mean 'proper women' "
She sighed, "I mean the non-groupie women". Jon growled, she was right, he missed his darling Dorothea.
Richie sat next to him, gnawing on his apple like it was chocolate cake. "What's gotten you so healthy" he asked the wingman.
"Oh this, it's just an energy boost, I'll go back to my usual foods after I've eat this"
"It was either this or a needle" he gulped
On that note, Doc the horrid fat manager, walked in or I might as well say waddled. He was eating a burger, he told them that they were leaving now.

She stared at him, so he was the infamous Doc? The one who she said the year before should have his teeth pulled out, he wanted the boys for cash; cramming in too many concerts, Jon had a sandpaper voice, the rest of the boys were going to get worked to death, she knew it. She also knew where he spent his dollars: McDonald's. She hadn't seen a person this overweight since Dentist school, she was super thin, some would argue too thin but she would carry on regardless. Anyhow Doc had sat himself down on the front seats, she had cuddled up to Richie, nuzzled her head in his chest. The bands driver, named Robert, had started driving: next stop Washington.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Chapter 11


Richie got up and made himself another cup of coffee, to make himself more awake, him and Evie had been going out for a few months now. The tour had taken a lot out of him, the only thing that kept him alive was the adrenaline of the concerts.
Anyhow he walked back over to the table, where the rest of the band were. He hummed the song Cherry Pie, and sat down, slurping his coffee. God how he missed Evie, her voice, not to mention his sex life. He grabbed a cigarette, lit it and sucked it in. Everyone was silent, you could hear a pin drop it was that quiet.


She grabbed another shot of tequila, burning her throat. She felt like she was being watched, at that moment a raspy voice boomed
" Ya lonely pretty lady"
"Get away you creep" she retaliated
" Now I wouldn't do that if I was you" his voice was raspy and sounded like sandpaper.
She moved to the toilets; she was gonna be sick, then the voice reappeared, this time more sinister and had a demonic tone that made her shiver. He pushed her against the wall, his hands underneath her skirt, she felt helpless. His hands found her core, he shoved his disgusting fingers up her dripping pussy. "Oh all nice and wet for me, eh"
It was at that moment, she found out she was bleeding, it stained her thighs. She lifted her leg up and kicked him right where it hurt, she shoved her dress down and punched him in the face.

"Get away you creep "
She started running, faster than she had ever ran before, once she was out of the bar, she phoned Richie. No answer.
She carried on running, no matter how much it hurt, she ran back to her house.
Once she got in she started getting slower, she grabbed the phone and dialled Richie. Finally there was an answer. " Evie, why are you calling at this time" Jon answered
"Where's Richie, I need to talk to him"
"He's passed out". She started crying, whenever she closed her eyes it reminded her of the man at the bar.
"Evie, what's wrong, you can tell me"
"I've been, I've been raped"
" Oh, Evie". Jon walked over and kicked Richie to try to wake him, still no response, he was stone cold.
The blood came faster now, she was in extreme pain.
" Evie, I'll be there as fast as I can"
She hung up the phone, and took some painkillers. It hurt like hell, she was still bleeding, she shut her eyes and went to sleep.

*four hours later*

Jon opened the door, he ran in and seen Evie there, awake.
"Thank god for you" she mumbled
He walked over to her, and put his hand to her forehead.
"You've got a fever" he said, worrying.
"Where's Richie?" she mumbled
He grabbed a pad, and handed it to her. Then once that was done he made her icy cold water, to cool her down; she was overheated.
Then a couple of minutes later Richie came in to find his girlfriend slumped in a chair.
"Evie, are you alright?, did someone try to hurt you?"
"His, hands... those dirty horrible hands were where they shouldn't of"
"Oh darlin', lets get you cleaned up"
He lifted her up and carried her to the shower. He turned up the heat, to how  they liked it : hot. She stripped, so did Richie. They climbed into the shower, Evie leant against Richie for support. He slowly caressed  her body with his strong hands, the soap was heaven as well as his gentle hands. They slid down to her thighs, blood stricken thighs.

"Evie, how could anyone do this, to anyone especially you"
"This guy messed with the wrong bloke"
Anyhow he continued washing her, he washed her hair and body. Her body was in pain, but she wouldn't tell Richie. Every once in a while during that shower he could tell she was in pain, no matter how much she tried to hide it. Once they were finished they both put towels around themselves, and she was carried to the living room.
Jon was sat on the sofa watching a romantic comedy on the television. He put Evie down on the sofa and sat down beside her, her head resting on his thigh, his hand gently massaging her head. She was having a night mare, about earlier that night, the man, dirty hands. She shivered and nuzzled next to Richie. She was in a cold sweat, but once she felt that strong, muscular hand wrap around her, she felt safe.

Richie sighed, his beautiful girlfriend had been touched by another man, forcefully to cause that amount of bleeding. He hated to admit it, but she'd been raped. There was only one way to fix this - take her with them, she'd be safe. He lay her down and walked over to Jon.
"Jon" his bandmate turned around, "I think we need to take her on tour, I don't want this to happen again".
" I agree with you on that one" Jon replied
"We need to protect her as best as we can"