Thursday, 19 February 2015

Chapter 20

Richie stifled a groan as he wrapped his arms tighter around Evie; 
she smiled and turned to face him. "Morning darlin' " he whispered in her ear, a sharp knock hit the front door followed by some Jersey cursing.
"Richard Stephen Sambora, we go on in five minutes" Jon told the lead guitarist, walking in on them.
"God man, put some clothes on!" Jon hollered as he opened the 
door to find a naked Richie, with an almost-naked Evie.
He sat up, the cool air whistling over his overheated body, he then chucked on his stage-clothes. "I'm coming, keep your freaking pants on!" Richie replied, kissing Evie on the lips.

He then rushed off to the stage, leaving Evie all alone.She chucked on some clothes, eyeing Richie's favourite acoustic guitar-his double neck Ovation, he wouldn't mind would he? She grinned, walking over to the guitar, she picked it up and feeling the frets under her fingers was rewarding. This place could be boring when you weren't playing, or watching, for that matter. She huffed out a sigh; her fingers played the strings as her mind wondered.

Richie was on fire, running all over the stage as usual and Jon, 
well he still a voice like sandpaper, they were being worked to death and it was worrying, but they still carried on despite this. Richie didn't show any sign of exhaustion in the bedroom but really, he was feeling the strain. 

He started to play the riff to Let It Rock, Jon was jumping and bouncing and the crowd were on fire. Then as the hours flew by, it was time for the encore. Richie rushed backstage; he grabbed his Stenson of a hook, and walked into his dressing room. He looked at Evie and tutted.

 "Naughty girl, did I say that you could do that” he sarcastically told her, gently strutting over to her, his hand grabbing the neck and he kissed her on the lips in a short, but passionate kiss. “Not long to go, darlin’ ” he told Evie, letting go of the heated kiss, then walked back onto the stage in his rock star glory. 

The crowd screamed as he entered and played the opening riff to Wanted Dead or Alive, his foot tapped along to the rhythm and he couldn't wait for this to be over. Jon took to the microphone, his voice struggling to comprehend the high notes but 
Richie always helped him out, like the caring, thoughtful man he was. Then the song came to an end, transient, he thrust his hands up as they bowed for the end of the show.

Evie heard all of the clapping from outside, she stood up as she heard male voices coming down the hall. Richie was laughing. Dave probably said something funny; she ran towards the lead guitarist and jumped into his arms.