Friday, 26 June 2015

Chapter 36

*a few months later*
Richie wrapped his arms around Evie, she smiled and felt his soft, muscular  and warm body beside hers. It made her feel safe and comforted, just being in the arms of her husband. "Richie?" she asked, opening her crystal-blue eyes, and turned over to meet deep, chocolate ones staring back at her. "Yes Evie?" he replied, his soft, calloused thumb stroking her forehead gently. "What are we going to name her?" Evie retorted, biting her lip. "Melody. That's a good name" Richie replied, gently peeling back the covers, and swung his legs over the side of the bed.
Evie nodded and softly smiled to herself. She sat up, her head thumping and buzzing with thoughts, she did like the name Melody, Melody Sambora. Evie stood up, and wandered to the window, her gaze fixed on the sea of translucent blues and greens, the beach's soft sand and the hazy, scarlet sun, that was flooding the sky with morning light; she softly smiled as she felt the soft, warm and comforting arms around her waist.

Richie placed his hand on the baby and felt it softly kick against him; she was strong - like her father. Rich kissed Evie's forehead and smiled softly down at her.


Evie could smell the delicious smells of breakfast and it made her hungry even more, so was Richie, who was busy preparing breakfast - eggs, bacon and sausages, and this would fill the gap in his stomach after the night before. He stacked his plate high, smiling gently as he prepared Evie's and the delicious smell made his stomach rumble that much more. He poured orange juice, to quench his ever-growing thirst and placed the plates and glasses on the table. Evie licked her lips. "Breakfast is served" Richie told his wife as Evie took a bite, and, out of that one bite, took pleasure.

After they finished, and Evie's and Richie's hunger was satisfied, Richie placed the dishes in the sink. "We'll get dressed and then we can go baby shopping!" he told her with brute enthusiasm in his tone, Richie may not have had the son that he originally wanted, but a daughter would suit him just fine, and would teach him how to dress 'properly', considering that he's colour blind, and that would suit him just fine. Richie was too distracted to realise the by now, Evie was halfway up the stairs and cleared her throat. "Come on Rich, my dear" Evie stammered, Richie rushing upstairs, only to take Evie by the waist and have her in his embrace; and carried her off to their bedroom, her head buried in his soft, inviting and warm chest. She was too safe to care.

He gently placed his wife down, and smiled, stretching and perhaps the odd groan escaping as Evie chucked his clothes at him. He opened his eyes and looked at her, a solid smirk on his face.
He grabbed some clean pants from his Chester drawers that were hidden in the corner of the room and proceeded to get dressed - it was at this point, that Evie checked him out and felt the overwhelming desire to need, and want him - only, that could happen once the baby's been born and even then, it would be difficult to have alone time together; as man and wife. Evie's head was full of powerful incarnations about the baby, she was only alerted back to reality by Richie's tender touch, and soothing voice in her ear. "You alright Evie?" he asked, his chocolate pools of desire lighting up with concern.  "Yeah, I was just thinking that's all" she replied, placing on a t-shirt. Richie nodded and sat down on the bed, placing on his boots as Evie was placing on hers, he stood up and grabbed his Signature Stenson and plopped it on his head. He held the door open for Evie, she strolled through and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek as a loving gesture.

He smiled, his cheeks going as rosy-red as the sun at dusk and, Evie couldn't help but giggle  as he blushed. Richie smiled once again, and closed the door behind him, and eventually made his way out to the car. He grabbed Evie's hand and started the engine, it sprung into life, roaring.


Richie took Evie's hand in his and strolled through the mall, he finally found the baby shop and fumbled in, Evie had a soft smile on her face. None of the staff really took any notice of the multi-million dollar rockstar; they were just customers and Richie wanted it that way. Evie oohed and ahhed over the cribs, and Richie pondered what his little girl would look like, have brown eyes like him or a crystal, icy blue like her mothers? With only a few weeks to go, Richie was excited for his first child, but he'd want Melody to have siblings and wanted a second child. A son. After a while, him and his wife had chosen a light pink crib - today was going to be very long and expensive, but, he'd do anything for his wife and new child.

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