Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Chapter 28

Evie headed home that night, tears gushing down her cheeks until it seemed there was no more left. She hung her head lower, tears falling as she went up the drive to Richie's house. Evie sniffled, turned off the engine and gotten out of the car, making sure to lock it and walked up towards the main door at the front of the house. She grabbed a bunch of keys out of her pocket, her hand shook as she inserted the key into the lock, and Evie turned it, opening the door to a now-empty house. The pictures hung high on the walls; the coffee pot was still full of water. Only a month. That wasn't long, she could survive, and she would have to make sacrifices for Richie.
"Richie" she mumbled, staring into the long distance of the surrounding beach, wiping a tear with her sleeve. She looked down at her growing baby and thought of the times that they could share together. Birthdays, parties, first days at school, first words. A sacrifice, everyone will have to make them.

She walked into the kitchen, her stomach grumbled. She made herself a dinner, quickly and sat on the sofa to eat it. Without her fiancé to comfort her. She switched on the television; she watched some interviews on MTV, complete with a share of hair metal music videos. After a while, Evie grew tired of this, she turned it off and lay down on her back. She sighed. Had all of this been her fault?
She slept that night a troubled soul, full with worry and confusion on what she did wrong to deserve her treatment off Jon.


Richie's plane was due to land in a couple of hours, Jon joked around with David, a pint of beer in his hand and he was laughing at a joke David has told him. Richie wasn't interested. All he could think about was his fiancé, how she wouldn't have anyone to protect her from harm, or a warm heater to cuddle against.
He could create a new riff on the old Ovation or scribble down some lyrics for a new song. He was disinterested, disconnected from the world and his eyes shown the pain of his heart being broken from their separation at the airport. He walked to the back, grabbed his guitar and started to silently cry where no one could hear. Alone and afraid, a distressed young man.

Tico got up. "Is that Richie I can hear?" he asked, standing up in the walkway, he turned to Jon; Jon shrugged and continued chatting and joking to David. "Ignorant fuckers" he mumbled to himself, listening carefully to Richie's cries of torment and loss. When he found him, Richie was huddled, his head on his knees. Richie looked at Tico, eyes red and puffy and his cheeks were strewn with tears.
"Richie? What's wrong?" he asked, kneeling down to the band's guitarist.
"It's Evie. I'm worried if she's gonna be alright, whether she can fend for herself or not. I'm scared T"

"It's alright. Evie's a young woman, she's gonna be just fine, yeah, she's gonna stumble but you don't need all of this stress put on top of your shoulders"

"Yeah, I suppose" he murmured, wiping away his tears with his arm. He stood up- with the help of Tico, he walked back to his seat. Tico grabbed him a ice-cold bottle of beer and sat on the opposite chair to him. Richie sighed and fell back into the seat, he yawned and curled up, sleep coming over him.

Monday, 30 March 2015

Chapter 27

Evie huffed out a sigh as Richie drove along the highway along to the airport, where, he would have to travel to Australia for the last leg of the tour. It had been a monster tour and he was looking forward to having some rest after-with Evie of course. He wasn't looking forward to having to leave Evie, though he had no choice, it was Jon's after all and he only allowed her the first time because of the rape. So she wouldn't get hurt, but unfortunately, Jon grew tired of Richie and Evie, 'it caused too many distractions' he said. Wasn't a blonde bimbo at a concert just as distracting?

Richie sighed. He had no one to cuddle up with at night, to protect or to have sex with, everyone needs a person to cuddle up with at night, guess the bedroom will have to stay silent. Evie silently cried, some tears flowed down her cheeks as she wouldn't see him for a couple of months. At least. Her fiancé, soon to be husband was leaving her, all because of Jon's stupid ideas. Though she was just another cog in the Jovi machine and it was starting to tear her and eat her up- limb from limb.
Richie turned off, the airport was just in her sights now and she gripped his hand. He smiled weakly, the tears threatening to come flowing out in a waterfall. No. They had to be happy to see the band to tell them the good news. Richie was going to be a father.

Soon they arrived at the airport, grabbed Richie's luggage and extra guitar that he always carried on planes, and walked into the private lounge where the rest of Bon Jovi were sitting. Once they had given the bags to the luggage handlers, Richie sat down with a huge sigh, placing his hands on either side of him. Evie sat beside him as she watched the planes land and take off, Jon coughed alerting her back to reality.
"Guys, I have something to tell you" Richie told them.
"I'm going to be a father"

"Excuse me. You're going to be a father?" David asked, leaning forward to grab a half-empty beer on the table. Richie nodded and smiled; Jon rolled his eyes and looked at his watch.
"Congratulations bro" Tico told him, shaking Richie's hand and hugging Evie.
 "Shit. We've got five minutes till we leave!" Jon shouted as he leapt up from the sofa, alerting the rest of the band to the impending plane flight. Richie stood up, hugging Evie so tight that she almost couldn't breathe and cried into her shoulder as she kissed him on the lips. She ran her fingers through his soft, chocolate hair that he loved so dearly.
"I love you Richie. I'll see you in a couple of months’ time" she whispered as she held his hands, reaching up and kissing him one last time as he ran off to get onto the plane.

He blew her a kiss, grabbed his guitar and rushed off to meet the rest of the band on the Jovi Jet, he put his hand to his forehead and sat down, done up his seat belt as the plane started to taxi down the runway. Evie started to cry as she made her way to the car, looking up as tears fell down her cheeks; she looked down at her stomach and smiled weakly.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Chapter 26

"Dean! Dean!" Richie hears behind him, followed by footsteps rushing down the stairs, Evie smiled and quickly kissed him on the cheek.
"Well, good morning to you too, why are you so happy?" Richie asked, his hands around her waist, pulling her in tight.
"I'm with you, that makes me happy but I have even better news before you go to Australia"

"What would that be, my darling Evie" Richie cooed in her ear, his hands rubbing up and down her back as she looked him in the eyes, a smile starting to broaden on her lips.
"Richie, you're gonna be a father" she told him, brimming from ear to ear as he picked her up and spun her around in joy, it was like Christmas had come early.

"That's awesome Evie. I can't believe it, I'll have a child of my own" he shouted through the house, jumping up and down as she followed him to have a celebratory drink. Through the light cream living room, along the corridor with the chandelier and along to the kitchen that looks out into the ocean.

The champagne cork was popped as Richie poured it into his glass, orange juice for Evie as she's pregnant and they clinked glasses, smiles on their faces as Richie put away the champagne, staring into the Pacific as the waves gently rolled onto the soft, sandy beach. She gently looked down at her stomach and smiled, gently rubbing it with her hand as Richie's hand touched hers. She looked at him as he gently kissed her forehead, and his hand gently squeezed hers.

"Should we tell the guys?" she asked as she looked into the crystal blue sky, her blue eyes turning a dark shade of navy as she cried tears of joy.
"Richie. What are they gonna say? Surely, they'll be happy, won't they?" she asked, her hand squeezing his and her tear-stained cheeks flowed with unshed tears.

"They'll be very happy, well, most of them. Don't worry, you shouldn't, this is OUR decision to have this baby, not theirs" Richie stated as he stood in front of her, then crouching down so his eyes looked directly at hers. The piercing intensity of blue shone through him, he sniffled and looked up, his hair covering his eyes partially.

"Evie, you can't come on tour any more, Captain's orders, I want to take you, I really do but he's not gonna let me, so you will have to stay in California, here." he winced as unshed tears came out of his eyes like a waterfall, she winced a little and her heart broke somewhat at the sight of him in such emotional distress over her. Soon to be wife of the biggest guitarist on the planet, it was one leg, that wouldn't be so bad. Would it?

Monday, 23 March 2015

Chapter 25

Richie groaned and grumbled as he awoke, he sat up and stretched, satisfyingly popping his back. He moved towards the coastal doors that looked out into the sandy beach, the sun was setting in the distance and he sighed. Was Jon gonna hate him?

Evie groaned and grumbled as she tossed her body, he carefully and quietly, opened the door so that he was standing on the sand, he spotted a place where he could just sit and think, with no one to interfere.

 He breathed in the crisp sea air and began to walk along the beach, looking occasionally to see if anyone was coming. He sat down, his arms resting on his knees, his hands running through his hair.
"What have I done?" he mumbled, staring out into the blank, blue ocean as it rolled towards his feet, a stray tear rolled down his cheek. He wiped it off with the back of his hand, then, a few more came, pouring out in a flood of pure emotion.


Evie rolled over, her hand trying to find Richie, though he wasn't there. Her body went into a state of panic as she called out his name frantically. No response. Then, she looked out of the window, Richie was on the beach?
"Rich never goes on the beach" she mumbled to herself as she opened the door, she stepped out, the soft sand beneath her feet as she went over to the inconsolable Richie.
"Richie! What are you doing out here?" she asked, stopping and crouching down beside him, intertwining her fingers with his.

"It's Jon. Will he ever forgive me?" Richie replied, his eyes red and puffy, and his voice was hoarse.
"For what? Proposing to me. Dean, he's under a lot of stress for the tour and everything, he can become like a whiny bitch at times and he can say things that he'll regret. It's not your fault, you control your life, Jon can't control it, even I can't control your wild ways!
But, seriously stop worrying, I don't want you to be ill or start drinking or something stupid"

"Evie, I'm a rock-star, I drink. He thinks that we're rushing in, but to be honest I can't help falling in love with you" Richie mumbled, leaning back into the sand, she lay back with him, their hands held onto one another as she tried to comfort him. Then, the air became chilly as the sun set in the distance, Richie got up, he helped Evie and he lifted her up into his strong, tanned arms. She nuzzled her head in his chest as they walked back to the house, she looked up at him and he smiled down at her.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Chapter 24

"No panties huh? Naughty girl" he groaned, as she lead him to the sofa, sat on his lap and slowly placed her hand on his hard length. She slowly moved her hand up and down, through his jeans. Her fingers slowly pulled down the zip, Richie was in heaven, then she threw off his jeans, releasing the lovely piece of flesh from its cloth prison.

Glad he wasn't wearing underwear, she moved her hand faster, harder. His face went into pure bliss as she moved her finger along the throbbing vein, his shaft was well alive and he reacted to her touch; it was like fire that set him alight and he couldn't extinguish it.

"Babyyyy" he groaned as she increased her grip, taking the tip into her mouth, her hair wafted over her thighs and it tickled him. He chuckled as he was ticklish; she bobbed along his length as she took him in and out of her mouth, multiple times. He couldn't take it anymore; HE had to be in control. She grazed her teeth along it, suckling on the sweet taste and grabbed his balls, testing their weight against her hand. 

Then she deep-throated him, fully taking him in and he was big, Richie's eye's rolled as an orgasm lurked, she went deeper, his hands grabbed onto her hair as the orgasm came in waves over him. More like crashed. His hands became floppy as she sat on the couch; he then looked at her with eyes full of pleasure. She lay down, throwing the rest of her clothing on the floor, he crawled to her, and then he stuck in two fingers, gently pumping her increasing wetness that wanted to be touched.

She arched to meet him, he groaned and smiled, his fingers working magic on her taxed body. A relief. She groaned, a pure pleasure, never had she met a man who had made her feel like this before, never again shall she encounter one like him. He slowly stroked her sensitive nub; her body was squirming and squiggling to his touch, like hot fire that made her craving more. He smiled and evil grin that made her eyes darken, she wanted him to touch her, yet, he was holding back, not giving her the orgasm she so desperately craved.

“Richieeee” she moaned as he added another finger, pumping more vigorously this time, harder, faster, her head lolled backwards, she groaned and grumbled at how Richie was going to send her over the edge.

Richie slowly licked his lips as she spilled juices onto his hand, he grinned and moved his fingers, he slowly licked up her sticky, yet sweet taste off his fingers and licked his lips at the taste, Bad Medicine. Richie's head slowly ducked down towards her sobbing, wet, spilling heat, he started to lick up the ever-flowing juices that would be his cure. She arched to meet his darkened, hungry eyes, he chuckled and continued to eat her up.
"mmmmmm" he groaned as he slowly licked and sucked up her juices, she writhed and wriggled under him. He grabbed her hips as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

"Richieeeeee" she gasped as he took a condom out of his wallet, he then put it back, remembering that they were baby making. "No protection today Evie, we're baby making, remember?". She nodded as he chucked the condom on the floor. "Besides, having your dick inside of a woman without a condom feels soooooo good".

Richie moved back onto the couch, gently settling himself inside of her tight, sobbing pussy, he then started to slam into her, he groaned loudly as she fingered and fumbled under his huge hulk of a body, she released a moan from the back of her throat and he evilly smiled, as though he was ready for her to welcome the land of abyss, or Richie Land as the ladies called it. He thrust deeper as he chucked in his load into her and she gasped with pleasure, how this man knew to hit the right spots in a woman.

Her walls clamped his dick, firm and tight like a vice and she was not going to let go easily, still he liked playing games of the sexual kind. He was a player and would tease a woman. He slammed home in one long, drawn-out thrust that had her screaming his name within milliseconds, she groaned one last groan as her eyes lolled within her head, telling him that she had cum, still, she needed to drift off into never land.

Her hands gripped his hair as though they were being split by an imaginary force.He moaned as the orgasm drawn nearer, pushing him closer and closer, then he made it with one final push that sent Evie spiraling over the edge and into the Land Of Richie.

He sighed and smiled, she was out cold and he rubbed his hands together, he removed his moist dick from her, removing the condom and he threw it away, then the world came crashing down as his orgasm finally hit home, driving him into the abyss.

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Friday, 13 March 2015

Chapter 23

Richie poured the hot coffee and gave it to Jon, he sipped it as he looked at Richie, who had a shit eating grin on his face.
"What's with the grin Dean" Jon asked, suspicious of what Richie could of done.
"Well, ummm" he mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck, not sure how Jon would react. "I proposed and Evie said
yes" Richie murmured, reluctantly."What the fuck Dean!" Jon shouted,  running a hand over his stressed face, he sat down, trying to take this all in. "And, I'm planning a baby" Richie replied, putting his hands on the work surface and sighing.

"Rich, you're rushing in way toooo fast, I don't think you're ready to get married let alone a child" Jon spat as his eyes became stormy, fists clenched with great anger. "Only fools rush in"
 Richie gritted his teeth, grabbed his coffee and sighed, Rich watched the waves crash onto the beach as he admired the view of the Pacific Ocean. California, what a great place to be, though Jon had traveled all the way from Jersey to meet him. Which Jon was not pleased about, anyway Jon was not chuffed at all with his lead guitarist.

"Listen man, I just feel that having a family and a child will harm your career, I mean no chicks to fuck" Jon stammered, standing up from the island bar, picking up his coffee and sipping it. "Jon, it's MY life, I choose to fuck when I want, when I have a baby, so get your fucking nose out of my business" Richie yelled as he slammed down his coffee, Jon got up, strode over to Richie.
He sighed. "Look Dean, I'm just advising you that this is a bad idea, and, it is Your life, but it's just my opinion, and obviously it doesn't matter, see you on the next leg in a week. Bye Richie, see you". With that, Jon stepped out of the house and into his car, driving off into the distance.

Then, a patter of feet came down the stairs, Evie looked at him, concern written all over her face. "Rich, do want to relieve some stress?" she asked, a grin on her face, and she was wearing no panties. "Yeah, better live up to my name"

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Chapter 22

She made her way downstairs, the smell of freshly brewed coffee filled the air, that reignited her senses. When at the bottom, she stared at Richie flicking through a magazine of guitars and lavish mansions, how could a man such as Richie, ever been without a woman?
 Yes, she was his fiancé but, before she knew him, could not of been able to kiss someone goodnight? Still, she was his, forever and he was unlike any other boyfriend that she had ever had throughout her life, he was smart, sweet, caring, not to mention loving.

She made her way over to the island in the kitchen, the windows looked out into the open sea as the waves gently rolled against the beach, the sun shone high in the sky as she poured her coffee, she slowly sipped the black liquid, working hard on her overly-taxed body.

Richie, stared endlessly at the Fenders and Kramers, forgetting the long haired, flashy guitarist that came with it. After all, he was one and by the amount of hairspray he used this was no joke, she sighed. Richie looked up from the magazine, stepping off the barstool and slowly put his arms around her waist.
"Rich" she laughed, before he started to tickle her; this was her weak spot.

"Sorry Evie, too tempting not to do" he replied, picking up her coffee and drinking it, more like gulping it. He stared at her, wiping his mouth as she huffed.
"Get your own" she mumbled as he put down the mug, moving towards the spacious sofa that sat in front of the new colour TV, he sat down with a thud, gently patting next to him.
"Come here, my darling" he told her, as she sat down next to him, he pulled her closer, she nuzzled into Richie's chest as her flicked through the channels.

"Wanna watch MTV?" he asked, looking at her
"Yeah, sure" she replied, purring her little heart out.
He switched onto MTV, it shown Axl Rose and Slash doing a boring interview about being a band on the Sunset Strip.
"Nope, not this band again" Richie spat as he changed the channel onto a more his age friendly show: Tom and Jerry.

"Ooh, I like this show, haven't watched in years though" she told him, her hand moving onto his leg, he smiled and gazed at the television.
"So want to do anything today?" Richie asked and he knew what was coming.
"Shopping!" she yelled, yep, Richie knew it, besides she needed a wedding dress.

She put on a floral dress from her closet, pink flowers with a white background, perfect for the summer months that's for sure. She ran down the stairs, towards the awaiting chauffeured car that Richie had ordered to take them into the pretty coastal town. The Bridal shop wasn't that far from the beach, so when they were done, they could go swimming. Richie took her hand as she climbed into the limo, Richie sat next to her, the car moved down the drive, she stared at the road that passed, barely keeping able to hold in the excitement.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Chapter 21

*A month later*
**In Richie's house**

"No, Richie, I don't feel ready to have a baby!" Evie yelled, her hands tensed and eyes stormy, she paced to the other side of the room.
"But baby, I'd like one" Richie replied, staying cool, calm and collected, he stared at Evie as she sighed and put a hand towards her forehead.
"Richie, we're not even married, or engaged for that matter!" Evie answered, her mind going crazy on whether he would finally propose.
"Fine. Let's get married" Richie smiled, as he gotten down on one knee, opening a small blue box that had a diamond ring with heart shaped diamond in the middle.
"Richie, YES" Evie replied, finally starting to relax as he slipped it onto her finger, standing up.

Richie pulled Evie close as his lips slowly settled onto hers, she groaned and relaxed into him, her hand running through his hair.
"Now. Now, we can start baby making" she chuckled as he smiled down at her, imaging what a mini Richie Sambora would look like.
"Tonight, you look like you need a rest, then we can practice all night long" Richie told her, biting on her earlobe in a slow, seductive, drawn out voice that made her want to fuck him right there. She could wait till tonight...it's gonna be an all-nighter.

She sat on the bed, Richie walked up to the bed, he kissed her on the cheek and pulled up the covers. "Sleep tight, I'll be in the living room if you need me" he mumbled, turning to go down the stairs which then lead to the living room. She grumbled and groaned in her sleep, while she tossed and turned. Bedtime wasn't fun when Richie wasn't in bed, he made it a lot of fun. Although, she had to have rest if she wanted to play with Richie tonight.

Still, she had to get to sleep somehow, and she knew exactly how to get it.
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Sunday, 8 March 2015


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My computer had a virus, I had to ride Paddy every night and I had work to complete.  My dad made me break down after I spent TWO FUCKING DAYS with him. I swear I should put up a restraining order against him after what he has done to me. Sorry, I'm emotionally abused as well, so, I wanted to write but my creativity stalled and I started counselling.