Monday, 3 August 2015

Chapter 38

Richie sat down in his plane seat, feeling like he swallowed scalpels and his head was buzzing with incantations. He hated to leave his four month old daughter and wife in California; to leave for Vancouver, British Columbia to head to the studio, for recording of the new album. Little Mountain Sound Studios was the name of the studio where he would, once again, meet Jon and the rest of the band, to go over, demo and possibly record some of the songs that he managed to write. Richie's stomach grumbled. Richie wearily stood up, walked over to the small bar at the front of his luxurious, plush private jet, and grabbed a sandwich to eat, and beer to drink. Sighing, he strolled back to his seat, grim and dazed, he picked up the latest edition of Rolling Stone, and began to read.

Bored, by Nikki Sixx's drug overdose whilst on tour, he looked out of the window, sipping his half-empty can of beer by his left hand. Nothing was more fascinating - yet boring - than watching fluffy, white, particles of water pass you by and look at the ground of Oregon. Richie looked at his watch 11:34am. Normally, he'd be waking up at this time, but today, he had to wake up early enough to drive to the airport and catch his plane.


Evie gently kissed Melody on the forehead, and saw her small face light up again with happiness. Evie smiled softly, gently placing her young daughter back in her cot, to allow her to rest after her crying fit earlier. That was heart-wrenching to hear, the loss was too much to bear for a small child, especially when it's their favourite parent. It's a hard life to live without a parent when you need them most. Melody's piercing blue, icy eyes stared right into Evie's as she gently placed on her Winnie The Pooh blanket. Evie gave her a final kiss on the forehead before the shattered baby, fell into a deep, heavenly, sleep - like angels sleeping on their heavenly clouds. Exhausted, yet happy that Melody had finally  fallen asleep, Evie strolled out of the room, with a quick look over her shoulder.

After walking down the long, hallway, covered in photos of Richie's personal life, from their wedding photos to one of Richie holding Melody. Evie smiled gently, strolling into the kitchen and grabbed some orange juice out of the fridge. Evie poured some into a glass, and sighed. Melody missed her father, but he'd be back in a few weeks, Evie would just have to grin and bear it. She drank her drink, placed it down, and ran her hand through her wavy, brown hair.

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