Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Chapter 39

"Lets try that one again" Jon pronounced before Richie took his jet black Jersey Star Kramer, and sighed. "Cheer up, man, you looks so fucking sad" David told him as he patted Richie on his shoulder, smiling softly before returning to his keyboards. Once ready, Richie blasts out the opening chords to I'll Be There For You; no matter how much the song tore at his open, weeping heart that longed for the gentle touch of Evie, and the little giggle of his young daughter. Richie gently smiled as Jon sang with raw power and emotion, David looked over at him every now and then when they were recording that song; Richie tried to cheer up but he still felt guilty. Eventually, after what felt like hours, they had the final piece, and Richie placed down his black Kramer on the stand and proceeded to walk over to where Jon was.

“Hey man” Jon warmly greeted Richie, smiling as he played the song back, listening carefully to make sure that it was up to his high standards. Richie sat down, hearing the words slice through him like a knife; he knew right then that this song would forever have meaning, and not just to him, but to every fan – it has a different message.  His stomach grumbled loudly. “You guys hungry? Tico’s grabbing pizza!” David told them, walking past the studio door, as Jon replied with a stern yes. The tension in that room was high; Jon was so stressed out that he couldn’t think and Richie was lonely. Soon, lunch had arrived, Richie grabbed a plate, and a bottle of diet coke to wash it down and placed a slice or two of pizza on his plate. He then, after thanking, decided to go into a private back room where he could eat alone and be uninterrupted - left with his swirling thoughts.

Evie turned on the television and, with her glass of white wine, relaxed on the sofa; Melody was sleeping peacefully upstairs, so she had no worries.  As usual, MTV was on, and Talk Dirty To Me by Poison was on. Glam metal as the normal. With a slight pleasurable pop in her back, Evie lay down on the sofa; the white wine sat on a side table. After an hour or two, of relaxing in her million-dollar mansion that she called home, she switched off the television and took the empty glass to the kitchen. Evie smiled softly, looking out to the luscious dangerous waves that crashed onto the shore.

Going upstairs, and into her beautiful daughter’s bedroom, Evie smiled down at Melody and gently picked her up. She slowly opened her eyes and giggled as Evie took her to have a relaxing bath. After she ran the taps, and tested the temperature to make sure that it was just right, she undressed Melody and gently placed her in. Melody giggled as her mum’s gentle touch as Evie placed some soft shampoo in her hands and gently massaged it into Melody’s soft hair. Evie gently washed off the shampoo and did the same with the conditioner, proceeding with the soap.

Taking her baby out of the bath and wrapping her in a fluffy towel, one thing nagged: will Melody be able to cope without her father? 

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